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Rollei XXIV




Rollei XXI

Rollei XX

Rollei XIX

Rollei XVIII

Rollei XVII

I had a couple of rolls of Shanghai GP3 (ultra cheap chinese film) knocking about so I decided to finish them off in the Rollei a while ago but only just got around to do something with the results. Reminded me why I haven’t bought any more of it, the film has numerous irritating quirks including random holes in the emulsion and a tendency for the backing markings on the paper to come through on to the film.

Rollei XVI

Some more colour slide from my Rolleiflex (singular as I’ve just sold one, sad times!)

Rollei XV

Rollei XIV

Some colour postive fun for once, and to break up the large amounts of text I’ve been posting lately. I was considering using slide film for a big project I have coming up (because I didn’t learn my lesson the last time I did that) but actually, I think I’ll stick to shooting colour neg, it’s just too unforgiving…


A much maligned sub-genre of photography is that which takes place in the pub after a long day and usually one or two drinks too many. On my documentary photography MA we’ve established ourselves fairly comfortably in one of the local pubs, and although I try to avoid taking a camera along to our drinking sessions (because it usually ends up in a waste of expensive film) I usually do, and occasionally even get something passable out at the end of it.

And yes, the blog theme has changed. I know this new one dosen’t fit so well with the quest of ‘probing photo murk’ but that subtitle was always meant to imply the murk was on my end anyhow.