Disphotic is Moving

by Disphotic

Disphotic is migrating to a new home, in a subdomain of my main website, you can find the new blog at disphotic.lewisbush.com

From next week the original address, disphotic.wordpress.com will redirect you to the new site.

When I started Disphotic about two years ago it was just a little corner of the internet for me to dump my ill formed thoughts and pictures, which were relatively disconnected. Since then my words and images have grown much closer, to the point that the two deeply inform each other, and as such it increasingly makes sense to locate them within the same site. The new site will also offer opportunities for future expansion, customisation and functionality.

Not much else will change about Disphotic for now. I hope to continue to develop my writing, making it more focused and concise while continuing to explore similar topics and themes, to publish posts on a more scheduled basis (most likely a new one each Wednesday and Saturday) and start to review relevant exhibitions, books and films on a regular basis.

Please continue to read, comment and follow. Although I started out writing for myself alone, your responses have been thought provoking, encouraging and have often given me the motivation to keep going.