Gone Walking

by Disphotic

Time to stop and take stock. I  have a few maybe publications and exhibitions lining up for the rest of the year including potentially quite a large one. More details when they materialise. Also I’ll be contributing the odd blog post to the Duckrabbit blog, although everything will continue to be posted here. And I’m plugging away at several different projects while trying to make a living. That last one is probably the hardest bit.

Anyway I’m off to my family’s cottage in mid-Wales hills for a week. Know and love London as I do it grinds me down over time and it’s good to escape somewhere I can walk for several hours over misty hills and not meet another person. I find walking is a great way to clear the mind, forget problems and prepare yourself for new ideas. Along the way I’ll probably take lots of mindless, pretty photographs as usual, here are a few from the last couple of times.

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