Return to Canvey

by Disphotic

I’m back on Canvey Island for my second stint. I’ve done a couple of interviews so far and shot quite a bit of environmental and landscape material. I’m still not fully sure how the two will pair up when it comes down to the edit but I suppose there’s something to be said for not predefining a project too much before its even been shot. At the moment the theme is the relationship between islanders and the sea. The sea obviously defines the identity of Canvey and its inhabitants to a significant extent. At the same time it presents a constant threat to the existence of the island by risk of flooding. In 1953 a massive flood killed almost sixty people. The sea defenses are far more advanced today, but in a place where the average land height is three meters below water level that risk will always remain. Anyway here are a few photos.

I’m gradually uploading more work from this project over on Flickr and will doubtless post the finished multimedia piece here in the coming weeks.